Life goes on, just a chapter ends!

Time and change
lead us there
The more we try to hold
the more is despair

Paths change
and so our thoughts
embrace the goodness
and thank God

Life goes on..
just a chapter ends
Try to start new
story that bends

To the dreams unrealized
to things once aspired
Firm and steel as we go
leave no room for compromise

Hopes are good
but why keep false
listen to the heart
when conscience calls

Lose all weaknesses
gather the strengths
Coz Life goes on…
just a chapter ends!!

Yes, Life goes on
just a chapter ends!!



Well all these days, I’ve been haunted by thoughts of depreciating writing skills. And to bump off this improbable thought, I decided to write something. Kept wondering what else is a part of my life other than office and friends? I realized that my habit of watching TV series can be definitely laid well to an audience. The thought embarked when I recently shifted to a PG and realized my desperation to intercommunicate with my PG mates about these series. But to my utter disappointment (with no offense) the hall echoes with the noises of some saas- bahu arguments or some stupid comedy acts on local channels.

Anyways, keeping my unsettled scores aside, here are my favorites TV Series and I’m sure many of you out there would be watching them as well. Others who don’t, I would strongly recommend you to watch these.



“Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime. And the battle for the Iron Throne has begun.” It’s the hunger for the power that makes them “beg, borrow, steal” to get the power. The fight where no one’s right and no one’s wrong either. Every life justified. Wisdom is extended to a length beyond our definitions. And wisdom is not the the only thing that matters!


Sherlock Homes! I admire the character. A total sociopath or psychopath, call him whatever, does he care? With his brilliant mind and scientific deductions, Sherlock has solved them all. Dr. Watson, who is destined to have been closely surrounded and influenced by psychopaths, is most of the times surprised by his friend Sherlock as much as the viewers are!

prison break

Spent sleepless nights watching the series of Prison Break. I’m not sure if something as addictive existed on this earth.

friends-seasonThe first ever US series for adults that I started watching. It was friends that taught me that it’s more about making moments light in our lives. A perfect blend of life and comedy. After all, life’s not as complicated!

modern family

This one’s my favorite. Modern family! Perfect blend of 3 generations and how their lives though diversified, revolve around each other. Every member of the family is important and every feeling, big or small is taken care of. But in the midst, there’s a lot of drama that dances between the beginning and the climax of an event.


The gang mixed with nerds, sociopaths, “don’t wanna be sociopath” and a normal girl. The hilarious representation of intelligence and over-intelligence. People with an IQ, an normal IQ and higher IQ. All can watch!


Still not got out of the hang over of the grand finale of How I met your mother. So closely I relate it to what’s happening in my life 😉 A must watch for all who have great friends in their lives 🙂



Bhagwaan Dhoondho

It portrayed a life of a passionate Painter entering a City to exhibit his talent to the masses, A joker who loved photography yet couldn’t afford a camera, A girl struggling to meet her Mr. Perfect, A boy burdened to excel in everything that could bring name to his Family and a guy bound to become a terrorist.

A theatre with improvisation technique gave the audience the opportunity to pick one of the stories and develop the climax.

Probably if I start writing on every story and citation, I might complete a book. So, wanna keep it precise and dedicate this write-up completely to “how Bhagwaan Dhoondho impacted me :)”


At a stage where I find myself baffled with caboodle of confusions, the play assures me that I am not the only one but probably all of us have been a part of this muddiness at some point of our times.

An act that coerced me to ruminate over several approaches life proposes to us and how we respond to them deliberately or unknowingly. Where is my God? Before asking this question I’d rather try to define my God. In duration of one and a half hours, the play already had almost 10 different scenes to depict the human psychology and behavior that was influenced by the society. It titillated my instinct and probably many amongst the audience who could feel how easily we lose our beliefs and values to the common.

Of course, that’s purely my perspective.

But yeah, I did find the play empathizing with me.

As it journeyed through phases of life with the crests and troughs carrying us along, there was an element of sarcasm in it that tickled me. Where there were several scenes where I laughed my heart out like a little child hooting and jumping out of my chair, there were also some moments when I could find myself holding my seat and taken aback by the melodramatic turns. I couldn’t even clap at times because I could see myself there on the stage and the depth of incidents life has brought to me.

Of course, I lead my life and try to live it to the fullest!

And Bhagwaan Dhoondho acted as a catalyst, arriving at the perfect time when I was in a dilemma. Probably a message being conveyed by the power that I am doing it right, and I shouldn’t lose hope.

How refreshing and energizing your Acts are. Ranji, Sumit, Vishal, Nandini, Madhukar…..and each and every actor who gave their 100 percent in every appearance big or small! (I’m sure I’ll learn all the names soon)!!

Guys, I’ve fallen in love with you all!!!  You Simply Rock! My celebrities!!

The entire Yours Truly Team, I owe you a Big Salute for the great Job that you guys are doing. And for the positivity that you are spreading all over, I have no words how to thank you!!

Steps Ahead


A path less traded yet seemed fun
when I had started on my own
could decipher those giggles
when I was all alone.

I harvested my ideas with all my might
Hungry days and sleepless nights
focussed and determined to bear
the reasons why I deserved the share

Bit by bit I could note
a portion of the crawling into my boat
And as I moved ahead with those gazes
the same giggles turned into praises

My thoughts were lucid,
They followed it to a distance
until the time…

A quiver arrived abided by a dimension
proving me faulty over the definition
Barring me from the gateways
I had ordinated for my destination

The same herd that I observed
in no time turned hostile,
I could sense the distance yet to be covered
now converting into Miles.

Don’t know how far will my soul
will walk all alone to reach
When in a moment all was legal,
the other moment called it a breach.

Though aware that the same trough
would someday turn into a crest
The same herd of acolytes
would re-enter in my quest.

But I’m groomed to seek it all
Discovering the “me”
and the lessons deep buried.

The fooling Agency

press_7 copyThis blog is dedicated to all the consultancies who fool innocent job-seekers. They promise to provide them the best jobs with best pays, call them and follow-up till the poor scapegoats agree to appear one. And to my utter surprise, even the companies in collaboration with these consultancies act as their right hands.This series of incidents occurred when I was searching for a job. I was in no haste, but obviously dissatisfaction prevailed. One day I received a mail from a consultancy named, “TruGlobal”. This mail had an exhaustive description about some US Giant Media house (though unnamed) and it promised me to provide a lucrative job, with the best pay according to the market standards. Though they did not mention the designation, yet provided detail of the profile that did arise a curiosity in me. The basic idea was working with a team dedicated to Hollywood Movies’ Editing. Sounds good enough to give it a try? Of course!

Though I kept postponing the interview, they were stern on getting me to the company. Convinced by their follow-ups, I decided to visit “Deluxe Digicaptions”, Embassy Golf Link, Domlur. It had to be a two days’ interview. On the first day, there were three rounds!ROUND 1: A generic form that constituted of easy questions which could have been filled by any genuine person with a fine English knowledge and normal IQ. I carefully wrote down all my details and answered all the questions with my best handwriting that I could pen down. Out of ten applicants who wrote along with me, 7 were chucked out! Only 3 of us could make it to the second round. I was amazed! Either I was too intelligent to make it, or the 7 rejected ones were subnormal.
Never mind…I waited for another hour for round two.

ROUND 2: It began at 3.00 P.M. The purpose of this round was to know how adept are we with the US hollywood culture. Questions related to Hollywood history, recognising actors, authors and books and all the stuffs. I liked writing the paper, because by now, I was getting convinced that I’ve come to the right place.

ROUND 3: Watching a documentary and writing sub-titles for the given 25 frames.

I did it all and came back. The other day, I got a call from the consultancy, “TruGlobal” and they confirmed my selection and that I have to appear for the final round. Wow!! I did feel good about it. All set to appear for the final round and collect the offer letter. I was there at the office of Deluxe Digicaptions, Embassy Golf Link, Domlur, Bangalore.

The final round:

A panel of 3 members, in a meeting room ready to interview me. With reference to my resume and test performance, they shooted several questions, the answer of which was given by me patiently and lucidly. Trust me the way they were questioning me, reminded me of the conference round I had taken during SSB selection procedure in Indian Army Cantonment, Allahabad. I was so relieved and satisfied with my interview.
Soon the manager informed me that I had been selected for the post of “CONTENT EDITOR” in their company.
Once over, the manager of the team said, “Rashmi, I hope you’re aware that we are recruiting FREELANCERS”. All shocked and surprised, I replied with a big “NO”. Soon these people started convincing me about their work culture and process, stating that it’s freelance for the namesake. The organisation had several freelance writers coming there and working for them for full fledged 8 hours. The payments were made on daily basis, i.e. some $ per day. If you do not work for 8 hours, you’ll NOT receive the money for that day. To add up, you have to work for the evening shifts, wherein you’ll be provided with one way transportation. You can leave the job anytime you wish. That means, they can chuck you out anytime they wish. So, where’s the freelance? You get me to the work, engage all my work time and give me a freelancer status? Not just that, why didn’t you tell me this when I inquired about the job profile?

Earlier, I had perceived that there must have been some kind of miss-communication, but my perception was gainsaid when my friend got a similar call, and the entire procedure seemed to be the same misleading one until I warned her. When she asked them about the profile and told them that she had an idea that it was freelancing, the consultant of “Truglobal” said that it’s a probation of 6 months in India which US people call as freelancing.

Does anyone have an idea about it?

So, for God’s sake, if at all you receive a call from the “Truglobal” guys, please beware!!

The Sophisticated Hogwash

Ever pondered upon the most significant factor to acclimatize in the so called civilization? Well it’s yet not late and you may outshine amongst those unenlightened spirits who form a major part of the civilization. No doubt my repugnance for praxis arises from my own experiences and I believe my silence would some day transpire from my veins in the guise of a sonorous snub over their faces. Though they never counted upon me, (probably because I was kept away from the clamour) I have met real victims whose impulses have already assumed demise years ago. And you can only shore up in the so called civilization if you actually conceal your identity, when you can only let your opinions and practices camouflage for the time being and wear a mask over your face. This mask would not only outline the synthetic you, but will also redeem you from the insipid omens.
Which example should I put down to illustrate how deeply have I been perturbed by seeing people struggling in their lives only because the social crust has compelled them to. And do not be flabbergasted if I say that it’s not just the crust, but the foundation is led by the core, the adherent of the family itself who delineates the demarcation line.
I know a girl, who lost her dad a year ago, and is undergoing a severe trauma. The distress is not just because of the sudden demise of her father, but the pressure built upon her by her family members to earn and support them. I repeat “PRESSURE”. Never in a time period of one year did ever anyone ask her that how was she doing. If she was in good health or not! All they wanted was “SUPPORT”.
Very well educated parents, two of whose sons studied at the IIT and one of the most renowned international universities respectively, did something trivial. They wed their educated daughter to a man whose education was misinformed, whose dark and stout look gainsaid the factuality of his age, and probably any genuine person would think twice before introducing him to anyone. There is no irony or satire or exaggeration in any of my statements. The only reason why they wed her to him was, that he was a multi-millionaire…he must have kissed the spirits of his great grandfathers who gave him the opportunity to have a smart and beautiful wife. No doubt her life in sari would testify all the facets of life that “Ekta Kapoor” compels into the brain-box of the viewers of her serials.
I may not exemplify all of what I’ve been able to discern. But through this post, all I want the readers is to at least mull over the social dogma and denounce them not just for the sake of self, but for the sake of humanity. I am no evangelist with sermons to promulgate the idea of extending treatment to the socially sick. All I am is a philanthropist, and I believe that even you are! “Why tucking hands in others’ torn-outs”, is the ideology that commands us today. I do not have any idea how the above instances could have been eschewed, but of course I know someone could have definitely acted as a nip in the bud. Being sturdy over our convictions that go beyond the social paradigm would definitely contribute towards refraining people from these practices. After all, they practice this only because majority approbates.

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Katrana ka Ghosla!!

I stay in a single room flat on the fourth floor. The height’s not an imperative cause as to why I’m searching for a new room, but staying on the “top floor” shall drive away all the doubts in your minds.
In summers, I am a victim of onslaught of inferno over me whereas in the rainy season, my walls bleed…..Bleed water!! Poor me, its been only a year since I have shifted to this flat, and in these twelve months, I’m satiated with all uppity from its end. And this is absolutely intolerable, because there can be only  one uppish character in my world and that is “ME”!!
If these weren’t the factors, I would have loved to stay at my room as its peaceful arena and the positive vibes embrace me, absorb all my vexes and probably ricochet it to some world unknown.
So finally unanimously both mind and heart started the quest for the rooms over the internet. Fortunately I managed to get a number of a flat owner who was interested to rent his flat at a reasonable rate. Now, before I proceed, let me educate the ignorant readers (with due respect), that the rent of the single room flats in the locality where I stay is Rs. 8000-14000 at present.
Finally my poor brain’s engine had to be ignited so that I don’t have to lead a mendicant’s life (if your entire monthly budget is spent on the rent, you’re obviously gonna turn into a mendicant!!). The room was far from my college, but the low rent of Rs.4000 allured me without any doubt. I had requested one of my close friends to assist me in the mission. We headed towards rohini. Got down at Rithala metro station and boarded the metro feeder bus. Trust me, it had been more than a year since I had traveled in any bus on the roads of delhi. The owner stayed at a different place and had not been to this flat since past two years, and according to him, the flat was empty (mind the facts). He said that the flat was about 2 kms away from Rithala Metro station. So finally when we reached Rohini, sector 21, Pocket-12 soon to realize that the distance had to be at least 6 kms. And when we reached Flat no. 68, our ultimate destination….here’s the shock.
The people staying in that area said that none of the flats were empty. Soon, the owner of that very flat came forward claiming his property. My friend and I stood like idiots, “MTV bakras type”. But it was no joke. Now I called up Mr. Katrana, the one who guided us through, and here’s our conversation:
K: yes Ms. Rashmi, did you get the flat?
Me: no sir, people don’t know you and they say that there’s no such flat in the locality for rent
K: no no, you may not be at the right place.
Me: oh, I am Sir, why don’t you talk to the lady who stays in this flat
(I handed over the mobile to the lady.)
Lady:  haanji sir…… Yeh humaara makaan hai……..Gupta ji ne dilwaaya hai……hum aapko nahi jaante. Haan haan yeh wahi DDA flats waala area hai…….haan lo baat kar lo!
(Returns the phone)
Me: yes Sir
K: Rashmi, I haven’t been there since past two years, so maybe I’ve given you the wrong flat number….but I am really concerned because you’ve travelled all the way.)
Me: hmmm
K: so do me a favor, just walk back to the entrance, is there a chowkidar on the gate and did you make an entry before entering?
Me: yes
K: fine, you are at the right location
(Oh thank you)
K: now move straight, you’ll find an immediate passage along your left.
Me: yes
K: don’t take that turn keep moving straight, there’s another left turn, right?
Me: yes, should I take the turn?
K: no keep moving further. There’s a passage between the parking and a field, isn’t it?
Me: yes
K: now I am damn sure that you are at the right place
(Oh, come on, gimme a break… still not confident?)
Me: okay
K: now take a turn and get into the very first flat.
Me: it’s the same flat I just came from (u idiot!!)
K: okay then, move forward to the adjoining flat. That must be it.
Me: (with a big sigh, “that must be it?”) ok
K: climb up to the first floor.
Me: okay, m on the first floor, and there are four doors, two at the front and two on my immediate left and right respectively.
K: Thank God…there you are! (Hell knows what he achieved!)
Me: okay now what?
K: the door on your left must be locked.
Me: (raising my brows) No sir, probably the interlock’s there.
(And here I ring the bell inviting a little boy to open the door. )
Me: Sir, people live here and again it’s not your room.
K: oh, I’m so sorry. But I’m really concerned for you.
(“Concern” gaya tel lene)
Me: Its ok sir, anyways I’ve decided not to stay here, so I’d rather love to get back to my room.
K: who stays in my flat? I need to come there now.
Me: Fine Sir, but i shall be leaving ‘coz its getting late.
So the gentleman messaged me, “I’m sorry for all the inconvenience rashmi, hope you get a room of your liking and take care”
With due respect to all forgetful middle aged people, I forgive you sir.
But I still wonder, “Don’t I owe you something Mr. Katrana? Maybe a tight kick on your bums?”
It’s not always a pleasant experience, exploring unknown and uncertain paths. But what we gain at the end of the day is an experience. I never regret as to why did I venture, afterall, I gotta see the rural side of delhi. The half constructed roads, big fields and most of all the songs played in the metro feeder, “saat samandaar paar!!”  For those few hours, I felt I was away from delhi.
N.B: All the facts and figures above are the original, and readers may visit the address for authentication sake.
Katranaji, please visit your flat and confirm whether its empty or has been occupied by some cons… never know!!

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